1. Shany

Artist Impression

Shany van den Berg’s artistic practice stems from her life as a woman, mother and professional artist.

Renowned for her technical acumen and agility in slipping between portraiture, figurative, abstraction and sculptural, she investigates and interrogates the critical contemporary themes of womanhood, identity, family, and connectedness to mother earth.

With subtle symbolism and technical agility, her artwork is diverse, ranging from portraiture, figuration and mixed media, combined with abstraction and sculpture. She reconstitutes her stream of consciousness as both fable and history, binding together a layered ‘map’. This serves as both a solitary interior landscape of self-reflection and the more universal language of humanity’s journey through one’s life.

Shany van den Berg’s artworks poignantly reminds one that we are all unique and also inescapably part of one human race and planet.

Current Exhibitions and Art Residency

2. Upcoming solo - Garden of Her Dreams

Upcoming Solo

Garden of Her Dreams’

at Everard Read Gallery Johannesburg
Opening 22 June -  22 July 2023

3. Residency at Cite Internationale des Arts

Residency at Cite Internationale des Arts
in Paris / France
August and September 2023


Winter Group Show’23 Camelen series/oil impasto on board
29 June - 29 July 2023